LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination

The 2013 softcover edition of LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination is now available, marking the 50 year anniversary of JFK's assassination. This is an updated version of the original Skyhorse hardcover edition, first published in 2011.

This book is about a man whose long history of criminal behavior has been documented, even in the absence of a court conviction for any of it. His underlying mental issues -- a deadly combination of personality (narcissistic and sociopathic) and psychiatric (bi-polar and paranoia) disorders, all untreated until he left the presidency, formed the manic condition with which he climbed the political ladder. His success in brazenly stealing the 1948 Senate election, followed by a series of murders gave him ever-increasing confidence to go further in his criminal activities. His involvement with the Billie Sol Estes scandals in the mid-1950s, through selling his powerful influence to facilitate the Estes frauds against the government, was widely reported on in 1962, yet he cunningly escaped indictment through sheer willpower, threats against Estes and at least five murders of men who could have connected him to the crimes, all of them still "unsolved cold cases" fifty years later. The murder of his sister Josefa was also directed by Johnson in this same period of time, according to Estes. As soon as that scandal had been swept under the rug in 1962, the Bobby Baker scandals followed in 1963, threatening to end his political career through certain censure by the Senate and Justice Department indictments to follow. The only way out for the vice president was to succeed the president, and that meant "He had to go" (which was exactly how Johnson phrased his orders to kill people who got in his way, according to U.S. Marshal Clint Peoples, who was eventually killed by persons unknown, twenty years after Johnson died).

The premise of the book, and the term "Mastermind", is that there had to have been one key person who was the single most important catalyst behind the JFK assassination who would have provided the "critical mass" required to bring all other elements together and held them together throughout the planning and execution of the 1963 coup d'etat. That person would have necessarily been someone who had the power to assure the others that they would succeed and be protected from discovery and prosecution afterwards; he would have to be someone who recruited and marshaled all the others and he would had to have influence across the federal government bureaucracy as well as the Texas state and local judicial and law enforcement agencies. Lyndon Johnson was uniquely positioned to fulfill all of these requirements and be able to provide the unifying "driving force" required to pull of "The Crime of the 20th Century."

It is an axiom in human relationships and group dynamics that such an audacious, potentially devastating trauma for the country (and the world), that would have meant death sentences for the culprits, had they been caught, would have required a powerful person behind it, who championed the cause from the start. A fundamentally important requirement was that such a singular, manic and obsessive person fill the role of the "driving force" behind would have been essential to ensure success and that person would have to be in a position to offer protection for everyone else involved (except, of course, the "patsy"). It could have therefore only succeed with such a "Mastermind" behind the wheel.

The notion that such a force could have emanated from a number of men working together to effect the murder of the president hinges on its being born and championed forcefully by multiple plotters at the same level of power. All of the men (or women) involved would have had to have been equally obsessed, similarly depraved and consistently sociopathic. Yet such a plot is not something that could have even been openly discussed among officials, certainly not deliberated at committee meetings in boardrooms on Wall Street in New York, or K Street in Washington, with votes taken according to Robert's Rules of Order, by equally responsible individuals. Such a notion falls is demonstrably improbable, at best.

Read LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination, for the complete story of how Lyndon B. Johnson manipulated people throughout his life to perform the most vile and heinous acts, leading up to the murder of John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Book Summary: LBJ: From Mastermind to The Colossus

Another book, a "sequel" of sorts, will be published in 2014, titled LBJ: From Mastermind to The Colossus. The new book will validate and vindicate with new evidence many of the assertions made in the first book. Furthermore, it will reveal even more of his treasonous actions as President.

The new book begins where LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK assassination left off. It reconnects the previous themes and stories begun in the earlier book and reviews how he created a false image of himself as a great leader. The book examines Johnson's actual historical imprint which he then attempted to mitigate through pushing Congress to enact long-dormant legislation, bills that he had previously impeded, always insisting that “the timing wasn't right.” Moreover, it shows that the passage of his "Great Society" legislation was designed to take the focus of the nation off the assassination of his predecessor as well as laying the groundwork for building his own legacy.

The book also examines his planning to redirect U.S. foreign policy within days of his becoming President, as he maneuvered to insert the U.S. military into the civil war being fought in Vietnam so that he could be a wartime president; that, he thought, would provide another means to achieve his goal of becoming a "great" president. Finally, the mysterious Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 is reviewed, and evidence is presented to show that the attack was arguably facilitated – if not planned and directed – by him against his own ship and the 294 sailors on board as a means to insert the U.S. military into the Six Day War; it only failed because the Liberty refused to sink. This was not merely another “high crime and misdemeanor,” it was unspeakably treasonous, of the highest order.

Newly discovered documents from the files of Texas Ranger Clint Peoples are presented to prove that Johnson was closely involved with Billie Sol Estes, and had made millions from the Estes frauds against taxpayers. By proving that, these papers show the linkages to the worst sorts of criminal behavior existed, the very point that all other biographers of Lyndon Johnson ignore.

By ignoring those linkages, the entire “darker side” of Lyndon B. Johnson is virtually disregarded by those authors, who profess to be historically accurate yet are merely extensions of Johnson’s carefullylaid plans to ensure a faux legacy as a “great president.” His meticulous planning ability, except for Vietnam and the Liberty attack, was clearly a success, when it came time to weigh his presidency: Those same “historians” and academians generally consider him as one of the top ten presidents because of his “Great Society” achievements, including passage of a Civil Rights Bill that he had resisted when he was the Vice President, telling JFK repeatedly “the time isn’t right.” Having fought meaningful civil rights laws for over a quarter of a century, he knew that the time would only be right after he became President.

THE SINGLE BEST VIDEO EVER RECORDED about the real history of the JFK Assassination! This is about 45 minutes long, but every minute contains incredibly important background information which is key to understanding what really happened. I owe my entire "Reawakening" in 2003 about this case to having seen one of the original (of the five) 2003 broadcasts by the History Channel and realized my long-time suspicion about Johnson was correct (but the Johnson sycophants forced the History Channel to never rebroadcast it after 2003) . It was this realization that caused me to decide, three years later, to write the book. I should have acknowledged this within the book but neglected to do so, instead citing only the original sources for the same material that was used here, but it was this film that was the single "proximate cause" of the eventual book. So, Kudos to Ed Tatro, Walt Brown, Greg Burnham, Nigel Turner and all others associated with the production of this video!